Luke Villarreal and Miss Texas 2004

At the age of four Luke drew his first cartoon on Christmas morning in '73 ( a copy of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer ) Since then he has been involved in many aspects of the world of cartooning. Luke's cartoon art work has been seen on the Disney Channel, newspaper comic sections of papers all over the nation, and in countries including Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. He has drawn comic strips professionally and political cartoons since 10th Grade and began caricatures in high school and has been a caricature artist ever since. Over the next fifteen years Luke has drawn cartoons for papers and publications coast to coast, at parties for professional athletes, rock stars, and other celebs.

Work in Dallas includes the Dallas Mayors " Dallas Reads Program", doing animation for Bobby Goldboro Productions ( Easter Egg Morning, & Stinger, King of the Bees appearing on the Disney Channel in the early 90's) drawings for the entire news cast of Channel 4 in Dallas, Ms Texas 2002, 2003, 2004(2005?), and many other celebs from around the world!